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Addyi is an effective drug for women who didn't go through menopause but have low sexual desire. A medical, mental, or mood disorder or issues in the relationship can cause the problems. When consuming the medication, it is essential to avoid drinking and read the medical information before buying. Get the reliable medications available exclusively on our website right away. All you have to do is, visit our website.

Flibanserin, marketed under the name Addyi is a drug used to treat premenopausal problems in women, especially those who have hypoactive sexual desire. What hypoactive sexual desire do you require?

It is a condition characterized by low sexual desire that can cause interpersonal difficulties or anxiety. This disorder may not be the result of concomitant health problems or relationship problems. However, this is not an issue that arises as a result of drug or drug use.

This should be noted Flibanserin is not for women who have already reached menopause. It is also not suitable for men. Certain programs help users learn the benefits and risks of using the drug and can make an informed decision about whether it is right for them.

Clients ought to similarly take note that this medication ought not to be utilized as a sexual performance enhancer. All things considered, it is expected to help those who have decreased sexual desires.

How does Addyi work?

Although, there was no clear finding of the mechanism by which drug treatment results. Yet, the researchers came up with a theory after serotonin is responsible for inhibiting sexual function and found that Flibanserin reduces serotonin activity in the brain. In return, it restores the woman's sexual desire. In addition, the drug has some indirect effects on norepinephrine and dopamine, which are also associated with increased sexual desire.

Unlike Viagra and other sexual prescription drugs used in men, this drug works primarily to target the brain. This is done by increasing the levels of neurotransmitters that your brain uses to stimulate sexual interest.

In general, the drug depresses the two main mental buttons responsible for promoting sexual desire while inhibiting the neurotransmitters responsible for suppressing women's sexual interest. This drug was introduced to the market in 2015 after the Food and Drug Administration approved the acquired products to treat HSDD in women.

These women have been experiencing this issue for about five years and have claimed that they have no sexual desires with their love partners or anyone else. About 50-60% of women responded well to medication, while others responded negatively. Some have acquired a sexual desire for individuals rather than their partners, so there is no clear information on how the body responds to the medication.

What are the possible side effects of ADDYI?

Anything that has an advantage also has some side effects. However, medication is not always effective and should be used with an open intervention. This flibanserin addyi medicine is not intended to treat sexual desire lost due to existing medication or other health or physical limitations.

Side effects that you might notice:

  • Due to an instant drop in blood pressure, you might faint or feel dizziness.
  • Sometimes a serious drop in BP can lead to heart disease.
  • A feeling of nausea and vomiting may occur in some women.

In addition, it will not be helpful if you are currently taking other medications, such as antidepressants, that may affect your sexual desire. First, you should let your doctor evaluate you to see if it is suitable for you and if it is right for you.

Do not use this medicine if you have any underlying health problems, such as heart disease, blood pressure, or diabetes. Before using this medicine, let your doctor help you deal with the problems.

Before approving a use, drugs must be tested by the FDA to make sure they are safe to use. However, ADDYI is among the drugs that have never been fully determined to be safe to use. The drug is super helpful in boosting libido and helping women with lost sexual desire.

It has been found to have many benefits and serves as a great lifesaver.

Addyi is the #1 prescribed treatment for HSDD

The main benefit of Flibanserin (Addyi UK) is that it noticeably improves sexual desire. It works perfectly as an HSDD treatment, with both scientific research and anecdotal tests. This shows that it is the result of increased sexual desire and interest. It is one of the most recommended drugs for women with HSDD. It has shown some positive results with women having low sex drives due to mental reasons such as stress.

ADDYI Tablets Dosage and Administration

It is recommended that you should consume Addyi exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Follow all directions on the leaflet.

It is advised to take Addyi female viagra daily at bedtime only. The recommended dosage is 100mg per day. This drug should not be taken for more than 8 weeks.

Combining it with an alcoholic drink can lower blood pressure and can have adverse effects. So avoid taking alcohol at least 2 hours before taking Addyi tablets.

You can continue it to 8 weeks and as you see any improvement. Consult your doctor if you do not see any improvement.

Is Addyi safe?

Sprout Pharmaceuticals is a manufacturer and company that conducted clinical trials and introduced the drug to the pharmaceutical market. The result of their research was satisfactory: 46-60% of women noted an increase in libido. Worse were the results of research by the Food and Drug Administration, which showed that only 10% of women noted an increase in sexual desire.

You can only purchase Addyi female viagra with a doctor's recommendation. Although the final decision to use rests with the woman, it is always advisable to call your doctor or pharmacist for any doubts or concerns and to report any more serious side effects without delSo far, two separate studies of the effectiveness of Flibanserin have been conducted, and the studies of each company have produced completely different results.

The drug has been studied in 11,000 women over 5 years. Three controls were performed over 24 weeks. It hasn't shown any adverse effects and overall considered safe.

Addyi vs. Viagra

Designed to increase a woman's libido By altering chemicals in the brain, the newly approved drug is expected to be made available through US health care professionals and pharmacies and can easily buy addyi online UK. Since it works differently than traditional Viagra, which simply relaxes muscles and increases blood flow to certain regions of the body, the female version must be taken daily to alter the dopamine and serotonin balance in the brain.

These hormones are known to play a key role in sexual desire, and it is thought that by acting on these, it is possible to increase sexual desire in women suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

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How long does Addyi take to work?

This aspect also differs from individual to individual, mainly because they respond differently. However, experiments suggest that it can take up to four weeks to see the first results and up to twelve weeks to get maximum results. However, you need to use it correctly to see the results.

The pink pill starts showing its effect in 3-4 weeks of taking the addyi dosage as it works on the brain, and seeing the maximum result, you have to wait for 8 weeks if you don't show any result, it might not work for you. Addyi has shown positive results in 55% of women, and its working mechanism is still unknown.

Who should not take ADDYI?

There are certain contradictions that you have to keep in mind while choosing Addyi medications:

Contraindicated with alcohol
When taken with alcohol, this medicine can lead to a significant drop in blood pressure, which can cause severe dizziness, tiredness, and sedation and can make you faint due to these side effects. It is recommended that you stop drinking alcohol when you start taking a dose of Flibanserin. Even the smallest amount of alcohol can cause these side effects.

Contraindicated with moderate or strong CYP3A4 inhibitors
Using it with YP3A4 inhibitors is likely to increase Flibanserin concentrations, which is more similar to overdose. As it may lead to other severe side effects thus you should avoid this combination.

Contraindicated in patients with hepatic impairment
The drug is not recommended for people with hepatic impairment and should be done by a medical expert. Studies have shown that patients with liver impairment have more chances of getting into depression or developing risk of hypotension than those with healthy liver function.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding
There is no clear study to suggest whether this product poses a risk to pregnant or lactating women. In an animal study, this toxicity occurred only in the presence of maternal toxicity. Within this period, some side effects include weight gain, drowsiness, and dizziness. The animals slept better than usual. Some animals experienced reproductive and developmental effects, including structural abnormalities and weight loss.

It has not yet been determined whether Flibanserin powder ) has any effect on the distribution of human breast milk, nor is it known whether it affects breastfed infants. Studies in rats have shown that the drug is excreted in rat milk. This safely states that the use of Flibanserin during pregnancy or breastfeeding may harm breastfeeding women, such as sedation, and may also affect breastfed infants.

What should I tell my doctor before taking ADDYI?

When you decide to take this drug, you should also be aware of its consequences; thus, it will be wise to inform or consult the doctor before taking these pills by yourself. Let him know about any past medical issues:

Inform your doctor if you have felt any unusual or allergic reaction to any kind of drugs. Read the leaflet carefully and its ingredients if you have any allergic reaction towards any of them.

Although no such proven studies determine the risk when using this medication during breastfeeding, it is advisable to consult your doctor before starting the treatment.

Drug Interactions
There are so many medications that should not be combined and should not be used together at all as some worst interactions will occur. You should always be advised to take this medication under the guidance of your health professional.

Using this medicine with some of the other pills is not recommended.

What is the most important information I should know about ADDYI?

Flibanserin should only be used if mental reasons for discomfort such as exhaustion or stress and physical causes are excluded. In English, there is the term Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). It was also only tested for premenopausal women. and only between 8 and 13 percent of women experienced an improvement at all - half a sexually satisfying experience more per month counted as an improvement. The real problems often cannot be solved with medication. Many women will take it with great expectations and then notice: Nothing happens there.

Will Addyi interfere with my ability to say 'no' to sex?

Most probably yes, as Addyi has shown some positive results with some women. The problem is arguably fairly widespread. 'You have to assume that 30 to 40 percent of women are affected and have a low desire for sex. More often, it affects women in long relationships. There are several reasons why women no longer feel like having sex. These included stress, overwork, habit, and physical suffering. So if you are suffering from low libido due to stress or any mental issues, it will surely go to help you.

Although there is no clear information on what women can benefit from this addyi 100mg drug, it is safe to say that the drug is used to treat naturally lost sexual desires and other sexual problems. This means that it only works if the lost sexual interest, such as loss of interest in a relationship or other drug effects, does not mean an exact underlying cost.

Also, not for those dealing with the consequences of menopause. The drug was tested in women with HSDD. All of the women were in long-term, stable relationships, which meant that their problem was not the result of an unhappy

Will Addyi work for older women and post-menopausal women?

You need to know that Addyi is not for women who have already gone through menopause. These addyi tablets are also not for use by men. It should only be taken by women who are suffering from HSDD. The women who have reached their menopause would not get benefited from it as it only acts on the brain as considered helpful for the women who are having unsatisfied sex just because of mental problems.

How does ADDYI improve sexual function?

Flibanserin is completely different from the men's product Viagra. It does not directly affect the body but is intended to stimulate the psyche to increase pleasure by working on the brain. The target group is small, and the side effects are considerable.

Flibanserin is called Viagra for women, but it is completely different from the men's product. It does not directly affect the body but is intended to stimulate the psyche to increase pleasure. The target group is small, and the side effects are considerable.

There are many reasons why women rarely or never feel like having sex with their partner. A drug approved in the USA is said to help at least some of them. Although Flibanserin Addyi was originally intended as an antidepressant, a slightly pleasure-increasing effect was discovered by chance.

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