Refund Policy

At Kamagra UK7, we adopt robust industry-standard refunds and return requests practices in a simple and hassle-free manner. You can read this page to fully grasp whether you are eligible for a refund or return if necessary. The reimbursement or return order offer for the shipment would be accepted whether it:

  • Isn't what you ordered.
  • It is of low quality or not up to the expectations promised by us.
  • If the product is damaged, broken, and partially or fully missing in parts at the time of arrival of delivery.

The site's repayment and return policies follow internet banking, pharmacy, and legislation followed in the respected country and elsewhere.

Return Policy

In either of the above scenarios, consumers may prefer to request a refund. Once the consumer has informed and notified us and provided a required verification, we will issue a complete return shipment in such events. We ask clients to submit some details for the delivery of a return shipment.

Customers must request ample documentation at the point of contacting customer service regarding defective orders, unsatisfactory quality, loss, or damaged products. Products should be returned within seven days (working), and customer service will include more details about the measures to be taken.

NOTE: If the buyer has used the package contents and then needs a refund, we cannot comply with the request.

Refund Policy

In all instances mentioned above, we will process refund requests. Similarly, as with refund claims, customers are advised to notify customer service to refund the delivery within seven working days after receiving the incorrect shipment, poor shipment quality, or incomplete shipment. When the shipment has been sent, the refund will be processed. The company, therefore, retains the right at its discretion to process and grant a partial or complete refund. It is because circumstances can differ from case to case.

* Please note that in situations where the customer offers incorrect details of personal information that fails to produce, we would not process any refund.

You are expected to register with this website when buying drugs, so you must supply the correct details, particularly for the current shipment.

Customers must remember that the inability to do so would result in non-delivery, and in those situations, we shall not be responsible for a refund.

If errors were found within 24 hours of putting the order in the shipping address, notify customer service immediately to make the required adjustments. The client shall not be entitled to a refund until the order has been checked and delivered.