Delivery Information

Kamagra UK7 is an online marketplace that provides goods safely, easily, and discreetly to patients. After placing an order through the website, you need to choose an acceptable delivery method for your place. We would then promptly send a confirmation e-mail to validate your request, accept it, and prepare the shipment for dispatch.

Delivery Time

The estimated delivery (ETA) depends on the region wherein you reside or plan to take the drug. Most consumers get their orders in two or three working days. In some cases where the buyer is located far outside the conveniently reachable area, they can expect to have their orders shipped in an average of five to seven working days. There is no excuse why shipments should be not timely, except for unexpected delays or conditions outside our control, 99% of our buyers are incredibly satisfied with shipment's turnaround time.

Unreachable Address

Ensure that you add an alternative one. If we can not deliver your package to the provided address for whatever reason, we will send it to an alternative location.

Customer Not Available

If you're not available at your address or if we don't locate anyone, we can try to leave a message for a second attempt.

Order Withholding

If the buyer cannot supply evidence of identification, the firm has every right to withdraw from its distribution.

Packaging Of Orders

To protect consumers' anonymity, goods are shipped in specially covered containers that don't detail the outside.

Delayed Deliveries

Delays in your order will arise for some cause outside our control, for instance, for postal service issues. Deliveries will take longer to arrive if we have a large order quantity.

Orders Not Delivered

If the request was not issued during the time frame, then the request is considered missing. Please e-mail our customer service team about a missed order in this situation. Compensation or replacement would be given.


Within 24 hours of placing orders, our buyers can track their orders. It includes the ability to track orders after shipment on the way to delivery locations. Customers get an e-mail indicating that the shipment is delivered, and the e-mail shows when the arrival is scheduled.


The buyers have the chance to cancel an order within 24 hours of placement. The cancellation requests will only be entertained until the shipment has been delivered to your location.