Bitcoin for Discount & Free Delivery

With Bitcoin as your payment choice for medications, you are in for some rewarding promotions. Here is what you get when you go with Bitcoin:

  • Why not take advantage of free delivery for all Bitcoin orders?
  • 10% off on orders below £99.
  • A generous 20% off on orders over £99.

Just opt for "Bitcoin" at checkout, and we will email you the Bitcoin wallet address for your transaction.

Why Should You Use Bitcoin?

The advantages of Bitcoin as a payment medium are numerous. The top ones are:

  • Privacy: Bitcoin ensures your transactions remain unlinked to your identity.
  • Safety: The secure Bitcoin network is robust against hacks, protecting your currency.
  • Promptness: Bitcoin transactions are instantaneous and get confirmed within minutes.

Mastering Bitcoin Usage

The process of using Bitcoin is straightforward and akin to creating an online bank account. Platforms like Coinbase make it easy. You will need to verify your identity (think passport or driving license) to set up your account. You can then convert your funds into Bitcoin, store it in your digital wallet, and easily manage your Bitcoin transactions from there.

Video Tutorials: Your Bitcoin Starter Kit

Here are some tutorial videos to help you kick start your Bitcoin journey:

Video 1: Quick Guide to Coinbase Account Creation & Verification

Video 2: Getting Started: Coinbase Account Setup (for iPhone)

Video 3: Mastering Coinbase: How to Send Cryptocurrency

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