7 Common Factors That Cause Erectile Dysfunction

7 Common Factors That Cause Erectile Dysfunction
  • Posted On: Jun 10, 2021

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a disorder that makes men unable to attain an erection during sexual activities. According to various surveys, around 18 million men in the USA have erectile dysfunction. The disorder commonly happens to people who are over 40 years old. With growing age, men lose their sexual ability. After the age of 65 years, erectile dysfunction is a common thing.

So, what causes erectile dysfunction among men at an early age? Arrays of reasons are there behind the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Before exploring the most prominent reasons, one should understand how the penis obtains an erection. When a person becomes sexually excited, the brain sends chemical messages to the blood vessels around the penile region. These chemical messages bring more blood towards the penile region, and thus the pressure of blood increases. Due to increased blood pressure around the penis, a man gets an erection.

The chance of erectile dysfunction increases with irregularity of blood flow around male genitalia. Some prominent reasons for erectile dysfunction are discussed in the following section.

1. Age

The age of a person is one of the significant reasons behind erectile dysfunction. Age affects various body organs of a human body, and thus those organs become feeble. Around 50% of men do not obtain erection after reaching 70 years of age. Around 12-15% of men experience ED after 40 years. Experiencing erectile dysfunction below 40 years is highly unlikely, though a small number of men (below 40 years) face the issue.

With growing age, hormonal glands stop working properly. As a result, the brain cannot send chemical messages to the penis. Due to the lack of communication between the brain and penis, blood flow around the penile region does not increase. Men aged over 65 years do get an erection for this reason. Since aging is a natural phenomenon, medications for ED are not recommended to people over 55-60 years.

2. Diabetes

A high percentage of sugar in the bloodstream is a significant reason for erectile dysfunction. There are two types of diabetes, and they are Type-1 and Type-2. ED has been recognized as a common problem for both types of diabetic people. Since diabetes patients have a high risk of facing heart-related diseases, doctors do not recommend Viagra or other medicines for ED to such people.

According to the researchers, around 50% of people experience ED after 40 years due to diabetes. Doctors suggest medicines and various changes to the lifestyle of diabetic patients. With the reduction of sugar in the blood, diabetes patients may observe a short-term relief from erectile dysfunction. However, it does not happen to all diabetic patients.

3. High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Irregularity

Blood pressure irregularity is a common reason behind erectile dysfunction. Due to blood pressure irregularity, blood flow around the penile muscles is hampered. Thus, it leads to erectile dysfunction problems. High cholesterol in the blood increases the chance of blood pressure irregularity. As a result, such people also experience ED. Since high cholesterol and blood pressure irregularity increase the likelihood of heart-related diseases, medicines for erectile dysfunction are not recommended to persons with such physical conditions.

4. Side-effect of Medicines

Erectile dysfunction can also happen due to the side effects of medicines. Anti-depression drugs can exert such side effects on male patients. Some other medications that may cause erectile dysfunction are painkillers, acid-reflux medication, high blood pressure controlling medicines, etc.

5. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

Many sexually transmitted diseases are also acknowledged as the potential reasons behind erectile dysfunction. ED can happen to people having diseases like AIDS, gonorrhea, viral hepatitis, prostate gland infections, etc. Some of these diseases are curable. Recovery from sexually transmitted diseases can naturally heal the erectile dysfunction issue.

6. Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is a prominent reason behind erectile dysfunction. Today, a large number of men have common testosterone problems. According to the medical surveys, one out of the four men is vulnerable to facing low testosterone. It can happen due to genetic reasons. In many cases, poor nutrition is a reason behind the loss of testosterone. Other causes include a hectic schedule, lack of sleep, indigestion, hormonal disorder, etc. Excessive smoking can also contribute to the loss of testosterone.

7. Stress and Anxiety

Both stress and anxiety are not suitable for your mental, physical, and sexual health. Stress can lead to various complex physical and psychological disorders. Nevertheless, undergoing an excessive stressful schedule is a prominent reason behind the increasing chance of erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, anxiety leads to blood pressure irregularity and risks of heart diseases. Thus, over-anxiousness may cause ED.

Apart from the reasons described above, there are many reasons for experiencing erectile dysfunction. In many cases, younger men face erectile dysfunction for a temporary period. The problem gets resolved by applying any medications. Before trying any medicines for erectile dysfunction, consulting a doctor is recommended.

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