Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Posted On: Sep 14, 2021

About Female Sexual Dysfunction

The problem of sexual dysfunction is not only common in men, but it is also a problem heavily found in women. According to research, this problem is more in women than men. Some studies have shown that 43% of women suffer from this problem due to todayís busy routine and hectic lifestyle significantly affecting sexual life.

No matter how much the world has changed, how much science has progressed but even today, when there is a talk on sex problems, women are hesitant to talk about their problems openly. In such a situation, when women are not able to openly tell their problems. They do not get them treated; then, they suffer from mental and physical diseases or stress.

There are many problems related to sexual dysfunction in women; they include vaginal dryness, stimulating libido problems, organisms, etc. Let us briefly discuss five such oftenly found female sexual dysfunctions.

1. Vaginal dryness

Women breastfeeding their babies or going through menopause have several hormonal changes that can lead to vaginal dryness. A study shows that women feel dryness in their sex at the time of intercourse, due to which they experience a lot of pain during sex. Women should not hide this problem but treat it to feel good and enjoy their sex life.

What ToDo?

For the treatment of this problem, nowadays, many types of jelly, vaginal moisture are available around you either online or in stores which is helpful to treat this problem. This is one way, but other than this, tablets are also available, which reduces vaginal dryness and helps in reducing pain during sex. If any woman is suffering from this problem, they should not hide it but treat it as soon as possible and live a happy sex life.

2. Low sexual disorder

Lack of libido is also a primary sexual dysfunction of females; it can be due to many reasons. Menopause is the leading cause of this problem because when women are going through menopause, hormone changes occur in them, which causes them to lose sexual desire.

Earlier, mostly older women were diagnosed with this problem, but this problem has started happening to younger women. The reason for this is today's busy routine, and also women have to take responsibility both at home and outside. Low BP is one of the prominent reasons for this. Low blood pressure leads to a lack of sexual desire in women. Several psychological problems can lead to the rise of the problem.

If there is any kind of tension in married life or there are fights among the couples, even then this problem arises. Some medicines such as antidepressants and hormonal contraceptives can also be a cause of low libido. There are reasons due to which a lack of libido can occur in a woman of any age.

What ToDo?

There is no definite solution to increase libido; they must consult a psychologist and make their sexual relationship romantic and exciting by developing a good living and sexual habits. The best way to solve this problem is for men to understand the problems of their female partners and help them have happy sex.

3. Sexual arousal disorder

Many reasons can be responsible for having arousal problems in females, like if they are under stress or depression, then they do not get excited. Apart from this, even if there is a problem of dryness in the vagina, they cannot get excited. Vaginal dryness can also be a prominent prospect for the cause of this problem.

If the male partner does not do foreplay while having sex or you need more foreplay, then lack of it can be responsible for this problem. Aside from this, if the male has any kind of sexual problems like ED and PE, women can also have trouble getting aroused. The problem can arise even when there are hormonal changes in women during menopause.

What ToDo?

For this, it is necessary to understand the main cause of this problem and solve it. If your male partner has any sexual problem, then get it treated and if you face any kind of problem or tension, then work on it.

4. Orgasmic disorder

According to a report, when women are in the stage of menopause, then organism-related problems start arising in women. This may be because there are hormonal changes in the stage of menopause, due to which this problem can arise. Alongside, the problem can occur due to suffering from serious diseases as well. Lack of foreplay while having sex is also the reason for this problem. Some medicines might give birth to this problem many times.

What ToDo?

Before treating this problem, you have to try and get to know your problem in detail. You can solve this problem by treating it through various sources. The vibrator is still very useful in the sexual repertoire nowadays. You can get your hands on it at online websites or from a medical store.

5. Sexual Pain disorder

Around 30 % of women have pain during sex. If there is a problem of dryness in the vagina, then women feel pain while having sex, dry vagina can be the main reason for this problem. Apart from this, having an ovarian cyst is a probable reason/cause for this issue. When the vagina tightens involuntarily, there is pain during sex.

What ToDo?

Suppose there is no problem of cyst in dim land or any other problem that needs medical consultation. In that case, you can take other methods and take physical therapy, medicine, or surgery for this. It is not necessary that any treatment would prove to be effective in one go. It may take longer than you expected and may require some other treatment. So stay patient, get your problem treated, and lead a happy sex life.


There can be many reasons for these female sexual dysfunctions; sometimes, problems arise in women due to hormonal changes. After menopause, the level of estrogen starts decreasing due to the lack of estrogen. The flow of blood in the pelvic area decreases, due to which genital sensation power decreases, and it takes more time to get aroused.

If you are not sexually active, then sometimes the vagina lining gets thinner, and its elasticity decreases. All these are the reasons that make intercourse very painful. Many times after pregnancy or feeding children, the body's hormones change a lot, due to which the vagina starts becoming dry, and the desire for sex starts decreasing. Long-term stress also affects sexual desire sometimes.

If there has been an accident of abuse in the past, it may also affect sexual desire. In any case, if your relationship with your life partner is not good, there are fights, or if you do not care about each other, then there are many such reasons that can cause all these problems. Physical and social untreated anxiety can cause sexual dysfunction too.

It is important for treating these problems that women work on their sex-related knowledge and take the right treatment. Due to a lack of timely treatment, they keep getting caught in many physical and mental diseases. They spoil their life and make them painful. Nowadays, there are many gels and medicines available which help in treating these problems.

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