Know the erectile dysfunction treatments that work

Know the erectile dysfunction treatments that work
  • Posted On: Jan 07, 2021

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a type of inability to get an erection and keep it maintained during physical intercourse with a partner. Men in a large number face ED occasionally due to stress/anxiety or an illness. It becomes a cause of concern for a person if he faces it frequently and loses his interest in sex with his spouse.

You need to start looking for an expert to treat your erectile dysfunction if you are among the people who frequently face difficulty in having an erection and maintaining it throughout sexual intercourse. The treatment for your ED starts with a respective doctorís consultation and comprises many things. Here is what your Erectile Dysfunction Treatments can include:


For many of you, answering a few questions and a physical examination are enough for a sexologist to diagnose your ED. In some serious cases, your doctor may ask you for blood tests, ultrasound, urine tests, and psychological examination. From physical to psychological examinations and tests are done to find out the root causes behind your inability to maintain erection.


Based on your physical and sexual health, the expert can prescribe you oral medicines and injections. In oral medicines, your sexologist can prescribe drugs like Viagra, Kamagra, Sildenafil Citrate, Levitra, Cialis, Tadalafil, and Stendra. For injection, your sex therapist might prescribe Alprostadil. Before taking any prescribed drug in your Erectile Dysfunction Treatments, you should get all your queries cleared from your doctor.

Vacuum devices

Some sex therapists may advise you to use vacuum devices to make your penis have an erection. Using vacuum devices is a mechanical way to bring an erection in men. It is used for men who do not want to use drugs for treating their ED. In this technique, a man has to seal a vacuum pump around his penis and pump it to increase blood pressure towards his penis. This increase makes his penis erect and a band is used to keep it erect. As it is a painful procedure, people prefer other Erectile Dysfunction Treatments.

Surgical procedures

To treat ED, sex therapists recommend penile implants and vascular surgery based on a patientís needs. Whether you have recommendation for a penile implant or a vascular surgery, these are final options for your doctor. The expert advises any one of these two when drugs and non-invasive options donít bring positive results or success.

Lifestyle changes and other options

Apart from medications and other treatment options, your sex therapist will ask you for making some changes in your lifestyle. First of all, your doctor recommends you to do the workouts that can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Know in detail how to perform Kegel exercises if the expert advises you. Further, you need to quit your smoking and drinking if you do. You may have recommendation for intraurethral, self-injection Intracavernosal (ICI) and Urethra (IU) therapies. You may also have recommendation for psychological counseling to get rid of emotional issues or embarrassments you have faced for your ED.


Erectile dysfunction treatments consist of many aspects such as diagnosis, drugs, vacuum machines, surgeries, and lifestyle changes. A sexologist is the right person to determine which treatment will work better for you in your recovery from ED.

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