Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation
  • Posted On: Oct 07, 2021

The problem of premature ejaculation is very often found in men. premature ejaculation is a problem where before reaching the peak of pleasure, the semen comes out. PE occurs more in such men who face the problem of erectile dysfunction. There are many mental and physical reasons which promote the problem of dysfunction. Every man suffers from this problem at some point in his lifetime. Sometimes in many men, this problem gets worse with age.

The sex life of a person suffering from this problem gets disturbed. Due to this problem, when men cannot keep their partners happy and are unable to satisfy them, then fights start between them. Even because of shyness, he cannot tell his problem to anyone and remains under mental stress, while it is necessary not to run away from this problem but to treat it. Many times excessive depression and stress cause problems in men. It is important to solve these mental and physical problems in time to treat these issues.

Nowadays, you will find various medicines around you in the market that can help in the treatment. Apart from this, many home remedies can also treat this problem. These medicines and home remedies treat this problem and make a person's sex life better and enjoyable. Now let us discuss what premature ejaculation is, what causes it, and what its treatments can be.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

The problem of ejaculation occurs when a man's semen comes out without reaching the peak of pleasure at the time of sexual intercourse. If ejaculation is not under control, the person cannot give sexual satisfaction to his partner. He feels embarrassed in front of his partner; daily personal and mental problems start occurring between them because of this problem. To improve and diagnose this problem in time is important to enjoy a sex life and make your own and your partner's sex life full of happiness.


Nowadays the routine of people is very chaotic, in the running life people get many types of stress and depression which is largely responsible for this problem.

Many mental and physical causes are responsible for premature ejaculation. Hormonal levels that become abnormal due to luteinizing and thyroid hormone disorders also cause this problem. Inflammation and infection in the prostate can also be a reason. People who take dopaminergic drugs like cocaine etc., also tend to face it. Many types of diseases such as heart and diabetes diseases are also responsible for this problem.

Low self-confidence in many people can also be responsible for this problem. Sometimes this problem also arises in people due to sexual harassment. If your relationship is not good, there is any problem with your partner or there is no attachment with them, there are fights, even then it can be the reason for this problem. Problems can arise when the person cannot fulfill the desire of his partner. This problem is also increasing in people having kidney diseases.

Medicines And Home Remedies For Premature Ejaculation

It is a kind of sex problem rather than a disease that arises while having sex. Today many men suffer from this sexual problem, and to overcome this problem, many types of medicines are available. One of the main reasons for premature ejaculation is ED, so it is also necessary to treat erectile dysfunction. To treat this problem, there are many types of tablets and jelly available in the market, by using which you can get rid of your problem.

Apart from this, there are many types of home remedies by adopting which you can get rid of this problem. Many times this problem gets resolved even by adopting home remedies. You can get rid of this problem by using medicines or home remedies according to your requirement. Here are some medicines that are beneficial in the treatment of this problem.

1.Kamagra Jelly- It is a reliable tablet for the treatment of PE. This medicine helps in reducing any kind of pain associated with this problem. This medicine solves it greatly. Keep in mind some side effects when you are using this tablet. However, these side effects are extremely mild and can improve with time.

2.Dapoxetine - Take this medicine 1-3 hours before sex. This medicine treats the problem of ejaculation and no desire for sex. People below 18 years of age and people who are 65+ age should avoid taking this medicine. This medicine is only for men and not appropriate for women. Dizziness, diarrhea, and headache are some of the commonly seen problems in people.

3.Tramadol- Tramadol is a painkiller that can make ejaculation longer. Only take this medicine when other anti-dependents do not help because taking them can lead to addiction, which may not be a good alternative for you.

Many types of creams and sprays are also available for the treatment of this problem.

Creams- There are many types of creams that you can find online or in stores that help in increasing the ejaculation duration. There may be mild pain and mild burning when applying the cream.

Sprays- After cream, many types of sprays are also available for the treatment of this problem. Apply it 10 to 15 minutes before having sex so that it gives a good result. There are some mild side effects from the use of the spray.

Apart from this, many types of tablets like sildenafil citrate, Levitra, tadalafil are available for the treatment of ED, which is the main reason for premature ejaculation.

Home remedies- In home remedies, you can use ashwagandha (Withaniasomnifera) to treat ejaculation; it is very beneficial in the treatment of premature ejaculation and ashwagandha is vastly beneficial in treating impotence as well.

Using Psyllium Husk is also very beneficial in this problem. Use asparagus, honey, ginger garlic, and eat a balanced diet. These home remedies can also reduce this problem.


The problem of ejaculation is a common problem in men. Today one in every five men is suffering from this sexual problem. This problem can be seen in anyone regardless of age; it has nothing to do with age. The sex life gets ruined because of this problem. Thatís why it is best to diagnose this problem in time.

Due to lack of sex education, many people cannot tell this problem due to shame and keep increasing this problem day by day. It is not a disease but is kind of a sexual problem that is possible to treat. It is important to diagnose this problem in time. Treatment of this problem reaches a great extent by adopting home remedies, but even after doing all these many times, if this problem does not diminish, use the medicines available in the market. These medicines are overly friendly in premature ejaculation treatment.

People suffering from this problem face many types of mental and physical stress. Aside from all these, it is essential to know that everyone knows about sexual problems to solve your problem in time. It is important to know about this and treat it to be happy yourself and satisfy your partner's sexual desires and keep them happy as well.

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