Your Go-To Guide to Exploring Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Your Go-To Guide to Exploring Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatments
  • Posted On: Apr 23, 2021

Also referred to as ED, erectile dysfunction is generally known as impotence. This condition happens when a male cannot maintain or achieve an erection. The most common symptom of ED is experiencing reduced sexual drive, which is also known as libido.

Your doctor will most likely diagnose you with this condition if it lasts for a couple of months. The most common erectile dysfunction treatments include implants, vacuum pumps, surgery, and medications. However, most men want to resort to natural options. Studies have found that a few natural options can improve ED symptoms. Here, we will discuss five of those ED treatments in detail.

Panax ginseng

Panax ginseng is also known as the herbal Viagra. This treatment’s efficacy is backed by years of research. Most studies focus on ginseng’s dosage levels and how they may help influence and treat erectile dysfunction. What makes this natural remedy one of the most potent erectile dysfunction treatments of all time? Well, Panax ginseng extract has ginsenosides—an element that acts at cellular levels for improving erection. Which is why, the action caused by this ginseng is trusted and effective. A few studies have concluded the herb is way more effective in someone whose blood contains high lipids.

Rhodiola rosea

There is a study indicating that this treatment may be helpful in curing ED. The study included 35 men; out of them, 26 males were given this natural remedy for a day for a quarter of a year. Once their medication course got finished, the participants in the study started to experience improved sexual function. Besides, this herb is acclaimed for reducing fatigue and improving energy. However, using the herb as a full-fledged element in erectile dysfunction treatments may require a few more research data that will prove its safety.


Dehydroepiandrosterone, shortened as DHEA, is a hormone secreted by a body’s adrenal glands. This hormone can be converted into testosterone or estrogen within the body. To improve the body’s capability of producing this hormone, some scientists may even suggest including dietary supplements from soy and wild yam. A study showcased that most men suffering from ED were likely to have low levels of this hormone. However, when men start to receive DHEA as part of their erectile dysfunction treatments, they will most probably be able to not only achieve the erection but also sustain it. Recently, the inclusion of this hormone is identified as a proven option in improving the sexual performance of someone who is suffering from ED and diabetes in parallel.


It is an amino acid naturally found in the human body. L-arginine helps in the formation of nitric oxide, which is known for relaxing the blood vessels. Once the blood vessels are relaxed, they will help men achieve erections successfully. Most researchers have closely tested all the impacts of this particular amino acid on the erectile dysfunction condition. In the same study, researchers have tested 31 percent of men suffering from ED; the researchers gave the participants 5 grams of this amino acid every day; the study showed that these people improved their sexual function to an incredible extent. One other study also proved the high efficacy of L-arginine when combined with Pycnogenol—a plant-based product. This study also proved that anyone who was administered this combination of natural medications experienced improved sexual ability. All in all, L-arginine is proven time and again of being one of the most effective erectile dysfunction treatments.

Summing it up

These natural medications may come under some of the most reliable erectile dysfunction treatments of all time. However, make sure you consult a doctor before taking any of the natural remedies mentioned above. It is advisable to avoid self-administering these drugs as the process may not yield the best results.

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