What Is Sildenafil?

What Is Sildenafil?
  • Posted On: Jul 09, 2021

Sildenafil is a medical miracle that changed the lives of over 50% of men who have erectile dysfunction. It is a boon or a gift for families to be together rather than split, leaving the children to suffer for a lifetime. Sildenafil tested for treating heart ailments proved successful in treating ED accidentally. During its clinical trials in the early 1990s, a dutiful nurse found it dilating the blood at the wrong place of the penis instead of the heart made it an effective medicine for ED. Now worldwide, millions of men have a satisfying sexual life with their partners only because of Sildenafil.

What does Sildenafil do?

Sildenafil is the active ingredient of the iconic blue pill called Viagra, patented by Pfizer in 1998 to treat ED. For the next twenty years, this FDA-approved blue magic medicine earned Pfizer billions of dollars every year. From the US military to ordinary layman, everyone benefited from it to satisfy their partners sexually. After the expiry of the Pfizer patent, many generic Sildenafil tablets were available worldwide at cheaper costs for all to buy and solve their erectile dysfunction issues. Now it is available online in nook and corner in many forms like tablets, jelly, and others for anyone to buy it even without prescription to solve many family issues.

Why did Sildenafil become important?

Statistics from many studies confirm that over 51% of men worldwide are suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction. ED, also called impotence, is an ailment because many causes make men not get enough erection or maintain it for intercourse. Hence they fail to have a happy sexual life because they cannot satisfy their partners or even give birth. And since ED issues increase with age, many men, even after having children, will stop having enough erection. Hence this has become one of the primary reasons for many divorces and unhappy married life worldwide. It forced innocent children to live with only one parent and face many difficulties. It is here that Sildenafil played a vital role to become important by solving the ED issues and help men to have enough erection to satisfy their partners and also make beautiful babies.

How does Sildenafil work?

The blood flow to the many parts of the body is the lifeline for them to be active and do their job. For many reasons, if the blood flow is not enough to a particular part, it stops its job to cause many ailments. If the heart stops pumping blood, it is a heart attack, and if it does not circulate well the blood within the body, it is a stroke and others. Similarly, if the blood flow is not enough to the penis, it does not get enough erection for the intercourse. Sildenafil was originally tested to dilate or make the blood vessels more significant in the heart and enlarge the penis blood vessels for blood flow. Hence the tested men had an erection and thus came to the magical blue pill Viagra with Sildenafil to solve the ED issues of millions of men worldwide. It also prevents PDE5 or phosphodiesterase type 5 enzymes in the cells in many parts of the body, including the penis. It breaks the cGMP, which is a substance that induces the relaxation of muscles. Hence, by blocking the PDE5 enzyme, the breaking of cGMP stops enables the penis muscles to relax for free blood flow to give enough erection. Therefore Sildenafil, also known as PDE5 type medicine, helps to get and maintain an erection for a happy sexual life.

Is taking Sildenafil safe?

Until 1998, men were only using illegal and not scientifically proven treatments for ED to satisfy sexual life. Many of them were fraudsters to grab the hard-earned money with false promises with no actual effect. Also, many unknown side effects could spoil the health beyond repair. From introducing Sildenafil in the famous blue pill, men worldwide had the right ED-solving medicine. Approved by America's prestigious FDA and the UK's NHS, it is one of the safest drugs for treating ED. And for the past two decades, millions of men globally take them whenever they want to have sex without any issues. Also, most of the side effects of taking Sildenafil are only because of taking it with other medications. And for others, it is rare for only one in a hundred to have side effects and that too only while having it for the first time. After taking it for a few days, there will be no such issues, and the anxiety of taking it and the correct dose will bring in no side effects.

How long does Sildenafil last?

It is one of the frequent questions asked by men after asking if Sildenafil is safe. Sildenafil scientifically does not cure erectile dysfunction and clears the blood vessels for free blood flow to the penis to have enough erection. Hence the answer to the question of how long does Sildenafil depend on the cause of erectile dysfunction. If it is physical because of improper health, nutritious food will help to solve it. And if it is because of excessive drinking of alcohol, stopping it or reducing it will help reduce the ED effects. If the cause is psychological because of anxiety, stress, and others, counseling or talking to the partner may help. To answer the question, Sildenafil lasts for four to five hours for most men irrespective of their ED cause. It is why millions of men take it for having a happy sexual life.

Who should not take Sildenafil?

Sildenafil is one of the safest medicines for erectile dysfunction issues and proven with time, and there are also a few people who should not take it or restrict its use, including those.

  • Children and women should not take Sildenafil as it is of no use to them, but they can treat pulmonary hypertension or high blood pressure in the blood vessels supplying blood to the lungs.
  • Men with serious heart or liver problems or recently had a heart attack or stroke.
  • Men suffering from low blood pressure as Sildenafil may further reduce its pressure to alarming levels.
  • Men having inherited retinitis pigmentosa eye disease
  • Men taking medicines, having nitrates or in any other form
  • Men having an allergic reaction to Sildenafil

What are the tips to take Sildenafil?

Sildenafil taken rightly will help most of the men having ED issues because of many causes. The following are the tips to have its best effects for satisfying the partner sexually to have a happy life.

  • Gradually increase the Sildenafil dosage from 25 to 100 mg to have its effect for a long time.
  • Avoid taking alcohol along with Sildenafil as it will affect its effect to give a firm erection.
  • Take Sildenafil half an hour to one hour before having sex to have the erection at the right time.
  • Avoid taking any heavy or spicy or oily, or fatty food along with Sildenafil as it may cause some common side effects to spoil the action.
  • Never take more than Sildenafil 100 mg in 24 hours as it is not scientifically advisable.

The above tips and facts will prove its popularity, safety, and other benefits of satisfying a partner to lead a happy life.

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